Villas for sale in Alanya| Properties in Turkey

Gold Bau 5 Villa – Kargicak  /  Alanya
Price now € 175.000,-
Completely renovated villa with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, big roof terrace on the 1st floor and of course private pool !

Villas for sale in Alanya
Villas for sale in Alanya

With fantastic Alanya, sea & castle view !

Gold Bau 5 luxury villa in Kargicak located outside Alanya on a hillside with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, Alanya, the castle and the Taurus Mountains.

The villa is from 2008, never used and on appr. 525m2 own land.

The ground floor has a large living room with open style kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom with shower and a storeroom. From the living room you reach the large terrace from where you have a direct access to the pool.

On the upper floor are 2 further bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large roof terrace.

A car garage is also by the villa.


The villa has been completely renovated, with a new foundation and complete drainage system, new terraces with travertine, marble balustrades and sills. The outer walls have been reinforced with fishing nets and have been plastered.


Both the exterior and the interior have been painted entirely. The swimming pool was renovated and tiled with new mosaic tiles and LED lights. The outer walls and various trees were equipped with LED lights, which give this special object a luxurious feel.

Feel free to make an appointment with us to get all information and see this villa !

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