Apartments for Sale in Alanya

Apartments for Sale in Alanya
Price € 85.000,-
Amazing located big 2+1 resale apartment ( Nordwest ) 100 mt beach!
Fantastic view from the apartment & the big balcony!
The apartment is on the 5nd floor and on a living space of approx. 125m2 there are a living room, separate kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, WC, storageroom, balcony and a hall.
for sale furnished as shown in the pictures.
Fantastic complex with tennis, sauna, fitness centre, wifi, children’s play area, large swimming pool with slide. BBQ area, sun gardens, car park and bycicle area.

Best of all: the apartment is sold fully furnished as shown in the pictures!

Google Maps :

Mahmutlar is a very popular town, just east of Alanya. In front of the town, you find kilometers of goldy sand beaches, while in the back you have the mighty Taurus Mountains as a shield. This combination gives the town a sub-tropical climate, with warm summers and mild winters. It is a perfect town for wandering around or taking a bike ride. Especially nice is it, to take a bike ride to Alanya along the beach promenade, a trip that is about 12 km.
You will find everything you need in Mahmutlar. Shops with a European standard are to be found in the Barbaros Street, while in the street above, Atatürk Street, you will find shops that are more traditional.
Every Tuesday and Saturday, you will find a big bazar. Here local farmers will sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Among other things you will also find clothes, souvenirs and spices – here is a chance to get good bargains. Do not forget to bargain!
Mahmutlar has a quiet feel to it, which have made it a very popular destination for foreigners. Here there are no aggressive sellers or pushy waiters.
There are many good flight connections to the Turkish Riviera. The main airport is Antalya International airport, which is the biggest one in the Mediterranean area.
Alanya also have an airport closer to home, Alanya Gazipasa International Airport. This airport recently expanded, and is just about 20-minute’s car ride from Mahmutlar.


Feel free to make an appointment with us to get all information and see this fantastic apartment!
Phone/WhatsApp/ +90 530 547 50 56
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