Köpa en fastighet i Turkiet

Fully furnished apartment on the 1st floor with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & 2 balconies!
This apartment is located east in Mahmutlar, only 600 meters from the golden sand beach!

There are a lot of Europeans in the property and the neighborhood is good. The apartment is sold fully furnished and with airconditionings and appliances.

Köpa en fastighet i Turkiet
Köpa en fastighet i Turkiet

The apartment from 2011 is located in a building with 2 elevators on the 1st floor and is 105m2, is light, airy and spacious. The apartment has a spacious living room with open kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two balconies! From the balcony there is a lovely view to the mountains, pool and city life. A cozy swimming pool with sun terrace available for residents and their visitors.

Here you are close by the tuesday bazar where you can purchase fresh vegetables and fruits for a bargain.

Mahmutlar is a pleasant little town east of Alanya. Here lives about 30,000 permanent residents. Although Mahmutlar have a 4.5 km of shoreline, Mahmutlar is not exclusively a resort town. More and more Europeans have found their second home here, and live here all, or part of the year. A characteristic of Mahmutlar is that there are no obtrusive sellers and waiters who nag. In the main street, Barbaros, you will find shops with European standard, but if you prefer more traditional Turkish shops you will find these in the street opposite, on Atatürk street. In Mahmutlar there is bazaar being held, twice every week, on Saturdays there is a bazaar in the center, while on Tuesdays is held bazaar in eastern end of Barbaros. Both selling fresh fruit and vegetables from the local community, and souvenirs, spices and clothes. In Mahmutlar there are good shopping opportunities and one finds everything what one needs; banks, post office, grocery chains, pharmacies, doctors and naturally charming cafes and restaurants with international standard.

Köpa en fastighet i Turkiet
Köpa en fastighet i Turkiet

There is a great boardwalk in Mahmutlar and fitness equipment is put out for free use by all. All Mahmutlars streets are being paved. It is approximately 27 km to the new airport in Gazipasa. Mahmutlar generally has a very good infrastructure, streets are wide and low sidewalks, crosswalks and underpasses periodically and speed bumps.

Frequent local buses (dolmus) from Mahmutlar to Alanya city center. The tour takes about 25 minutes.

  • please ask us for the exact price in your own currency because price is calculated on the exchange rate from 17.05.2019

Feel free to make an appointment with us to get all information and see this 2+1 apartment!

Bostäder i Turkiet | Fastigheter till salu i Turkiet – Köpa hus i Turkiet Villor, lägenheter, hus och bostäder till salu i Turkiet. Fastigheter i Turkiet är en mycket bra investering i Alanya, Antalya, Belek och Mahmutlar . Oba . Fastighetsmäklare

Webbplats : http://se.alanyavipproperty.com/

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